April 15, 2009

Entrepreneur Since the Fourth Grade

Back in the day I designed a clothing line for troll dolls. In my spare time I created a headhunting business, signing actual checks and reading resumes. I even partnered with my next-door neighbor and we opened up our own pharmacy. I created a game that mixed treasure hunting with hide-and-seek. In less than a week, I wrote a play…for my Barbies. I guess you could say I was pretty accomplished by the age of eight. If you knew me back then, you’re probably laughing right now because you played these games/mini businesses with me.

For me, entrepreneurship revealed itself early on. Just like the kid who plays dress up and becomes a fashion designer, I recruited my friends for my pretend businesses in preparation for a real life start-up.

I’m twenty-three now and running College Media, my dream business, and I love it. The downside/upside? It’s a rollercoaster. Just like the Shockwave at Kings Dominion. The summer after fifth grade when Jessie Tischler and I were finally tall enough to ride the only roller coaster that strapped you down in a standing position—yeah, it’s kind of like that.

One day an advertiser says “yes!” The next day she says “no.” One day the articles are running on schedule and looking hot, the next day there’s a blank page staring at me on the layout saying, “You’re going to the printer tomorrow, what’s your backup plan?” One day I start at 9am and I’m finished by 6pm, the next I start at 9am and I’m lucky if I'm finished 3am. But I have to say the best work really does happen after midnight (maybe I’ll always be a college student at heart.)

And I know what you’re thinking, “Haha, 9am, that’s funny.” Okay, okay, so maybe I don’t always wake up early, but I really do try to wake up by 8:30. I just end up starting that workday in pajamas…

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