September 14, 2009

You're Inviting Me to Your Secret Party?

That’s right, I am officially a celebrity. Or at least I felt like one at Micha Weinblatt’s Crooked Monkey photoshoot party last night. My invitation? A t-shirt in the mail. Then I received a brief email revealing only the essentials: come by yourself, bring the t-shirt to get in, don’t share the address with anyone and the entrance is on the side with the brown bricks. Talk about secretive; I was thrilled.

The taxi dropped me off in front of what looked like an abandoned warehouse; I headed down the alley and gave my name to the bouncer in black. As I pushed open the large warehouse door, I felt like I had stepped into a scene from Sex and the City. It opened into a dark room lit with neon lights, a few more steps and I was inside: white walls, a dj, and DC’s best dressed party people. Oh yea, a posh looking boardwalk photo booth, an open bar with sweet Crooked Monkey specials and graffiti artists designing on our t-shirts.

I was very impressed with Micha’s ability to transform a single room into a surprise experience for his guest just like he had turned his t-shirts into an image that celebrities wear and young people want. I met other DC media entrepreneurs including the blogger behind The Glamazon Diaries, Kate Michael who runs the online talk show, The District Dish and blog, K Street Kate, and Kelly Fredrick, founder of the e-newsletter CityShopGirl.

As I watched graffiti artists transform everyone’s invitations into a take away gift and a group of young professionals shotgun a redbull infused with vodka, I thought about just how much detail and creativity went into this event: from the sponsorships and guest list to the entertainment and design. Micha has been running Crooked Monkey for four years and it was inspiring to celebrate his amazing success, the launch of his new line and the future of his business. With a great idea and passion, he made it happen. I look forward to inviting him and DC to celebrate just like that for College Media in 2011. No details yet—it’s a secret.

Photos courtesy of Pamela Lynne Sorensen and Katelyn Gowling