April 15, 2009

Signs That You're an Entrepreneur

If I could only list 3…

1. You see quality solutions everywhere
2. "Rainmaker" is a serious word
3. Your enthusiasm is contagious

1. When you're in the car, do you simply accept the fact that your cup holder only holds a medium sized cup and that when you place a water bottle in it, it topples over? Or are you the one who says "What if I came up with a new cup holder that expanded and had higher sides to keep bottles in place?" If you're consistently seeking quality solutions to daily problems, one of these solutions might just be the perfect start-up business.

2. If you set your mind to something, can you make it happen? Do you start out with a project concept and follow through? Can your friends consistently rely on you? If so, you're probably a rainmaker. Anyone can have a good idea, but it's the rainmaker that turns an idea into a great business.

3. Behind any solid business is a solid team. How do you find your dream team? By spreading your enthusiasm. If your team is as excited about your business as you are, then they'll be just as determined as you are to make it succeed.

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