April 23, 2009

How to Pitch Your Business

If I could only list 3...

1. Make every word a home run
2. Practice
3. Get Real

1. Your presentation should only say the most important "Home run" points. Go through and say to yourself, "Does the audience absolutely have to know this about my business?" If not, cut it. If so, make it one of few. Keep your presentation down to one message per slide and three speaking points to convey that message. As for your slides, use less text (and only "home run" text) and more visuals. Take advantage of showing trends through one simple graph or chart. Making every word a home run was advice that Dominic Crapuchettes, founder of North Star Games and a previous Cupid's Cup winner, gave to me when I was preparing for my presentation; it was, without a doubt, the best advice for my College Media pitch.

2. If your business means a lot to you, you need to convey that to your audience. Practicing your business pitch to the point of memorization so that you can present with confidence and with a conversation-like style, shows that you put in that extra effort. If you can run a business, then you can prepare a solid business presentation. No matter how many people I've seen do this, and do it well, holding a piece of paper in your hands just looks unprofessional.

3. This is not just any business, this is your business, this is your dream. Show your passion. Share the real story, how much this business means to you and why.

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