June 1, 2009

Air Guitar and Networking

Is this blog entry an excuse to talk about my obsession with air guitar? Perhaps… your point?

Networking isn’t always packaged into a suit and happy hour. The best networking happens in a tour bus after an air guitar competition, rocking out with Björn Türoque, Sanjar the Destroyer, Hot Lixx Hulahan (2008 World Air Guitar Champion) and the founders of the US Air Guitar Championships. Talk about meeting another founder when you least expect it.

So what does College Media have to do with Air Guitar? Who knows, maybe College Media can help promote the 2010 championships. Or we could collaborate on a College air guitar event. With or without a direct connection, just expanding your network of other entrepreneurs is almost always a good thing.

The point is: have your business card ready. Remember, networking won’t happen by simply sitting at your computer, so go out once in awhile and don’t be afraid to bring your air guitar!

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